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For more than 20 years, we have developed an innovative approach focused on the needs of the investor thanks to a unique positioning within the Umedia group: an alliance between financial expertise and audiovisual production.


What is Tax Shelter ?

Tax Shelter is a tax incentive based on article 194ter of the Income Tax Code.
It allows any company subject to corporate tax in Belgium, under certain conditions and within certain limits, to reduce its taxes by supporting an audiovisual (film, series, documentary) or scenic (theater, ballet, opera, etc.) work.
A "win-win-win" investment that benefits companies, the audiovisual or performing arts sectors and the State.


By investing in Tax Shelter, your company optimizes its taxation through a double mechanism:

9,54% net

An additional premium, calculated over a maximum period of 18 months, is added to the tax benefit. Its exact amount corresponds to 4.5% plus the Euribor rate (3,981% first semester 2024). It is calculated over a maximum period of 18 months. Currently, this additional non-actuarial return amounts to 12,72% gross of the amount invested (9,54% net)*.

The law allows a company, under certain conditions and within certain limits, to deduct 421% of the Tax Shelter investment from its taxable base for the tax year in which the framework agreement is signed. For an investment of 100 and a tax rate of 25%, the tax benefit is : 100 x 421% x 25% = 105.25. This corresponds to a 5.25% net return on the investment amount.

* By return, we mean the amounts received over the investment period, subject to receipt of the full tax certificate. The return is based on the assumption of a payment on june 30, 2024 at the latest.


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This simulation tool has been developed by uFund, which assumes responsibility for it. The results obtained are purely indicative.
Please consult our prospectus before making any investment decision. 

uFund, your Tax Shelter partner


Our offer

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The Tax Shelter Act provides for a very attractive potential return of nearly 14% net over 18 months. This non-actuarial return is composed of 2 elements::
1. A tax advantage 
2. A complementary bonus 

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uFund automatically implements various protection mechanisms at no additional cost:

1. Due diligence and completion guarantee

2. Insurance covering the tax benefit (105.25% of the investment)*.

3. Inssurance RC professional

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Total Care
uFund offers you personalized support at each stage of your investment thanks to the best simulation and support tools such as: uFund Online, your secure online platform.

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For more than 20 years, uFund has been the leading player in Tax Shelter in Belgium** thanks to its unrivalled financial expertise.
The alliance with expertise in audiovisual production is one of the key factors of success for your Tax Shelter investment. 

* within the limits of the exclusion clauses. 
** based on figures provided by the SPF Finance

Complete transparency

SPF finances Agreement

uFund is approved by the Ministry of Finance as an eligible intermediary.


uFund has a prospectus approved* by the FSMA on March 5th, 2024, which details the offer of uFund (for a minimum investment of € 10,000) - valid for the period from 5/03/2024 to 4/03/2025. We invite you to consult it before making any investment decision.

*The approval of the prospectus by the FSMA should not be considered as a favorable opinion on the product. 


Want to know more about the opportunity to invest in Tax Shelter for your company?
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